2009 Victorian Club Teams Championships

Miners Rest saw over 75 Victorian cycling club teams battle it out for state honours in the 2009 Victorian Club Teams Champs on Sunday 19th July.

Congratulations to the following teams on their Victoria titles:

JG9 – Ballarat/Sebastopol CC
JB11 – Carnegie Caulfield CC
JG11 – Ballarat/Sebastopol CC
JB13 – Carnegie Caulfield CC
JG13 - Ballarat/Sebastopol CC
JW15 – Ballarat/Sebastopol CC
JM15 – Ballarat/Sebastopol CC
JW17 – Brunswick CC
JM17 – Blackburn CC
JM19 - Carnegie Caulfield CC
Elite Women – Carnegie Caulfield CC
Elite Men – Ballarat/Sebastopol CC
Womens Masters – Hawthorn CC
Mens Masters – Carnegie Caulfield CC

Photos of each of the winning teams are up in the gallery now with further images of other teams available from Thursday night.

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